Positive Organizational Psychology

Helping Organizations and People to Thrive

I became involved in positive psychology through my work at Penn, as I built workshops and processes to help lawyers, students and criminal justice professionals engage openly and honestly in difficult, emotional conversations about sensitive, insecure topics.  (Having teenagers at home provided an additional incentive and context for the study of resilience as well!)

At its core, positive organizational psychology is the science of what helps organizations and their employees thrive.  It seeks to create atmospheres that maximize collaboration and innovation, encourage procedural justice and employee engagement, and promote an ongoing dialogue that strengthens relationships between and among an organization and its employees.

The principles of what an organization needs to flourish are universal, but require contextual implementation to your organization and its culture.  I have experience applying these principles in a variety of different settings, and would be happy to discuss their applicability to you.


"Legal Optimism: Restoring Trust in the Criminal Justice System Through Procedural Justice, Positive Psychology and Just Culture Event Reviews."